[This article appeared first on my previous blog at astancakblog.blogspot.co.uk on April 17,2015]

Previous researchers pointed to a number of anomalies in Altgens6 photograph. The figure of the Doorman has attracted the strongest attention because his identity has a special relevance for the whole case of assassination of President Kennedy. Was Lee Oswald the Doorman, or was Billy Lovelady the Doorman, or was this human form just a patch cut from some other photograph and pasted into Altegens6?

Viewing the Doorman form in Altgens6 always produces a feeling of asymmetry in my mind. The Doorman’s left arm appears to be only artificially connected with the rest of the body. The figure of the Black Tie Man, who obviously stands behind the Doorman, actually covers part of Doorman’s left arm and shoulder. This alteration has been observed by previous researchers. So, did the conspirators steal Doorman’s left arm forever? Well, the conspirators appear to have left Doorman’s left arm in the photograph, perhaps to be disclosed by next generations of researchers.

The picture below is the enhanced and magnified section of Altgens6 photograph bearing the name of researcher Robert Groden (downloaded from https://johnkimber.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/oswald-shown-in-doorway-as-jfk-was-shot/4-groden-oswald-altgens-6-ks/, April 17, 2015).

Interestingly, the texture of the leftmost part Black Tie Man’s trunk is identical to that of the Doorman’s shirt. A closer inspection of the patch of grey cloth aligned Black Tie Man’s white shirt shows that it is also artificially connected with the rest of the body.

The next picture shows that patch of the grey cloth (in yellow), purportedly the missing part of Doorman’s left arm, in Black Tie Man and its positioning in Doorman’s left arm.


The picture below shows Doorman with his left arm reconstructed from a piece of the Back Tie Man.

Where does this amusing story lead us? It is one more proof that Altgens6 photograph has been profusely altered, and that there was a special interest by unknown, yet powerful people to hide the true identities of people in the doorway. Many respected researchers believe that Oswald was the Doorman, and that this picture detail alone exonerates Lee Oswald from killing President Kennedy. I am afraid that Altgens 6 picture has been altered in such an extent that we also need to consider the possibility that the whole Doorman has been made up Рcut from some other pictures and glued into Altgens6. If so, Algens6 would be significant perhaps in showing that the cover-up started right after the assassination, and that it included very powerful people capable of withholding and altering visual evidence in a short period of time. Unfortunately, Altgens 6 photograph appears to be an unreliable source of information as far as identities of people in the doorway are concerned.